Repair Warranty

All of our repair services include a full 1 year warranty on parts and 90 day warranty on workmanship/labor.   Board reflow and solder repairs include a 90 day warranty.  Accidental/physical damage and liquid damage will void all warranty claims. 

Smartphone water damage repair policy

Water damage repair includes diagnostic and ultrasonic cleaning of the board.  The water damage repair charge of $39.95-$49.95 only covers the logic board cleaning and testing. If additional parts are necessary, such as the LCD,batteries or any other parts, these will have to be purchased in conjunction with the water damage repair charge. If the repair is not successful, the minimum tech fee is still due to cover our technicians time and return of the damaged phone back to you. Any questions please contact us.

Minimum Tech Fee Policy

If we are unable to repair your item there is a minimum tech fee that the customer will be responsible for. This is to cover the tech's time and materials that were used.  Device fees as follows:

Smartphones/ iPods: $19.95 

Computer, Laptops, and iPads $40


Non-Claimed items or devices

Any device or item left our store and not claimed for more than 60 days will be considered abandon. If this is the case, Krash ER will dispose of the device and consider the repair closed. Krash ER makes every effort to contact our customers to arrange pick up of the item or device once diagnoses or repair is completed.